Grow your team

Bring your shared strengths into play and grow together.

A process focused on acceleration trust, getting all minds into the joint game, and clarifying roles. In some cases, the TSI Mgmt (Team Strengths Indicator for management teams) have been used to identify development areas and agree on initiatives. In other team development processes, team feedback based on observations of real team meetings is included. Or MBTI or Whole Brain to spot individual preferences and get a shared understanding of behavior in the team.

Improve your skills

Live into your potential while supporting the best in others.

A process where leaders and key employees consider who they will be, what they will stand for, and what kind of culture they will make their personal legacy. In some cases, Led by You has helped all leaders in one area succeed by individual shadow coaching and feedback. Learning and growing directly in your own daily work context with all the ambiguity of relations, culture and hierarchy around you can be the most impactful way.   


Energize strategic initiatives

Stay simple and inspire by collectively moving in the same direction.

A process of finding direction, inspired ownership, and shared guiding principles for strategy development. In some cases helping the leadership team communicating a clear ambition driving dynamic strategic development processes. In others facilitating strategy seminars with involvement of key stakeholders.  


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