Imagine a workplace where we inspire each other every day! 

Join the movement and imagine the levels of inspired innovation and business results we can create together. An inspiring workplace led by you.

Led by you is founded to help people live into their potential while supporting the best in each other at the workplace. The company is run by Michael Tolstrup who writes books and articles about inspiring workplaces and help managers to lead them.

Michael Tolstrup is an unshakable humanist with an educational background in economics. He sees the abundance of gifts in all people.  

Different ways of joining the movement

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Novo Nordisk

What would it be like if all leaders in one area consciously consider who they will be, what they will stand for, and what kind of culture they will make their personal legacy? Led by you has helped all leaders in one area succeed by individual shadow coaching and team development activities.



Strategic use of collective strengths to overcome individual weaknesses and accelerating strategy execution. Led by you has helped identify key development areas and set new strategic objectives by an out-side-in approach involving all key stakeholders and top management.


Region Hovedstaden

The way we treat each other in getting the work done matters. Led by you has helped leaders and co-workers find inspiration anew in times of radical changes. Strategy seminars and leadership team development where part of the process.

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